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South West England
3 or 4 years (full-time)
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BA (Hons) Curation, Exhibition and Experience Design

The BA (Hons) Curation, Exhibition, and Experience Design course is designed for creative individuals who can envision and design immersive and engaging exhibitions that’ll captivate, inspire and educate audiences.

Course Information

Curation, Exhibition and Experience Design is a growing area for not only the arts and creative industries, but also for businesses and brands. 

Curation creates a cohesive narrative that aligns with brand values, identity, and target audience. It’s a careful selection, arrangement, and presentation of content, experiences, and visual elements to communicate a story effectively. It plays a crucial role in conveying a brand’s identity and personality. By doing this, curation helps to differentiate the brand from competitors and build a distinct brand identity.

On the BA (Hons) Curation, Exhibition and Experience Design course, you’ll learn about the fields of creative design, curatorial practice, marketing, and project management to develop your own skills exhibition and experience design. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to conceptualise, curate, and design exhibitions and experiences across both cultural and creative industry contexts.

Course Overview

Graduates from this course will develop highly transferable skills applicable to a broad range of situations and across the industry.

There’s evidence that demand for trained curatorial staff is on the rise, whether that’s in the retail fashion industry in the UK or internationally.

On BA (Hons) Curation, Exhibition and Experience Design, you’ll developing an understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of curation, exhibition design, and experience creation. You’ll explore the historical and contemporary theories of curatorial practice, gain insights into exhibition planning, audience engagement, and the conceptualisation of narratives. There’ll also be opportunities to delve into the principles of spatial design, sensory experiences, storytelling, and how technology creates immersive exhibitions too.

Key areas of study include curatorial theory and methodologies, exhibition design principles, museology, audience engagement strategies, cultural heritage preservation, art and artefact conservation, digital media integration, project management, marketing, and communication strategies. You’ll also explore the ethical and cultural considerations involved in curatorial practice, such as inclusivity, representation, and accessibility.

Throughout the course, you’ll also have the chance to collaborate with real-world museums, galleries, cultural institutions, and industry professionals – regionally, nationally, and internationally. You’ll actively enhance your understanding of industry practices and meet practitioners who’ll help you build a professional network.

Graduating from BA (Hons) Curation, Exhibition and Experience Design, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue a variety of career opportunities. You could become an exhibition curator, museum professional, gallery manager, experience designer, cultural consultant, or even pursue a freelance or agency-based career.

Course duration: 3 or 4 years (full-time)
Placement year: Option of a 1-year placement
UCAS course code: W290
UCAS institution code: A66

Placement year

All undergraduate courses at AUB offer an optional placement year, to be taken between your second and third years of study.

If you’re unsure about this optional placement, you don’t need to decide now. Once you’re here and studying with us, the course team will discuss the placement options with you, so when the time comes, you can make a decision that’s right for you.

If you’re required to have a Student Visa to study in the UK, it won’t be possible to undertake the one-year placement option; there’ll be other opportunities for you to engage with industry during your study at AUB.