Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
Course type
MA 1 year (full time) / MFA 2 years (full time)
Organisation Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

MA/MFA Dance Performance

The MA/MFA Dance Performance is designed to foster a supportive and dynamic environment within which students can challenge and explore their voice, agency and artistry as dance performers. 

Students form the membership of Trinity Laban Dance Collective (TLDC), a framework for working which foregrounds the experience of the individual whilst at the same time suggesting collectivity and collaboration as a mode of artistic enquiry. Throughout the year, TDLC will undertake a range of different creative projects, workshops and classes, delivered with exceptional guidance from faculty and guest artists and culminating in a range of performance opportunities, artistic outputs, dialogues and debates.

The MA/MFA Dance Performance offers the opportunity to research and explore the role of the performer in the artistic process and to deepen our understanding of both the artistic and technical complexities inherent in dance performance.  

Students are invited to reflect on their own performance practice and that of others, to ask questions, and to identify and give voice to their own interests and ambitions.

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