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April 25, 2024 12:30 PM
Organisation Brabble

Inclusive Recruitment: How to Go CV-Free

Want to learn more about how your organisation can recruit more inclusively?

Thanks to Da Vinci, we’ve been using CVs for the past 500 years almost entirely without question. But when it comes to recruiting inclusively, using CVs is, quite frankly, rubbish. In this workshop, we’ll walk you through the research behind bias in CVs and give you a step-by-step walkthrough on what you can use instead.

You’ll love this session if:

  • You’re one of the people in your organisation that gets landed with sifting through CVs and you’re tired of it
  • You’re fed up with seeing the same types of candidates shortlisted over and over again
  • You’re serious about recruiting more inclusively and creating meaningful equity and diversity in your organisation
  • You want a defined, repeatable process for shortlisting candidates that doesn’t involve ever reading a single CV ever again

You definitely won’t enjoy this webinar if:

  • You really, really, really like using CVs, would marry them if you could, and have no intention of ever getting rid of them
  • You’ve already stopped using CVs and have a perfect shortlisting process (if this is the case, we have nothing new to teach you and you’ll be seriously bored)

The workshop will be hosted by Brabble in partnership with workculture, and led by Inclusive Recruitment Trainer Ceri Sunu.

To register, just click this link and let us know who you are. If you can’t make the webinar live, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording.